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The products in this section are designed to remove foul-smelling gases from the air. The main targeted constituent is hydrogen sulfide, H2S, but malodorous gases such as ammonia, mercaptans, and methylamine will be removed as well.

The same novel and highly effective chemical technology is used in all of the equipment. The problem is always the same, but the shape of the tool sometimes needs to change in order to reach it. Here you will find information on odor control solutions for wherever odor problems occur in wastewater collection systems. You’ll also find that the same tools are useful at wastewater plants.


“The Best Solution Should be the Simplest, but Not Simpler.” — Albert Einstein Often it is the simplest solution that works the best. Complexity is the enemy of effective, long-term odor control. Too much fussing, too many bells and whistles spell trouble.

Peacemaker® scrubbers are one or two vessel fixed-bed systems, containing two stages of media.

There is one moving part, a blower. Only one thing can happen – foul air goes in, clean air comes out. There are no chemicals to add and there is no maintenance to do for the service life of the scrubber. When your Peacemaker® does need attention, the entire scrubber is replaced or the media is replaced, depending upon the size of the scrubber and whether you choose to lease, buy or a service contract (more on this later).

But no matter how simple and easy, odor control solutions must be effective to be worthwhile.


IT ISN’T ALWAYS JUST ABOUT ODOR! Corrosion control is a substantial secondary benefit, and in some cases it is primary. H2S accumulates in enclosed spaces. Turbulence releases it to atmosphere, but Henry’s Law is in play, too. It is not unusual to find several hundred ppm of H2S in enclosed spaces. It eventually forms sulfuric acid, a highly corrosive compound. In most cases, H2S cannot simply be exhausted into a neighborhood. But when it is continuously drawn off and scrubbed, corrosion commonly reduces by ninety percent or more, and complaints stay in check.
H2S Converting Dry Air Scrubber for Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control

Peacemaker® Converting Dry Air Scrubbers

Are used as a single vessel, two vessels in series, or two vessels in parallel. The Peacemaker® scrubbers provide two stages of media for the control of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans, ammonia's, amines, and other odors generated in wastewater collection systems manholes and lift stations along with controlling various point source odors present in wastewater treatment plants. Our scrubbers are maintenance-free, effective, economic and require no chemical addition.

Roof Vent Filters to Eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide Odor

PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Vent Scrubbers

Nearly all vent stacks suffer with odor problems, whether they are on homes, commercial buildings, small lift stations or EQ tanks. The main culprit is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), but other malodorous compounds are present, as well. The problem has largely been ignored or ineffectively treated with activated carbon. PEACEMAKER® Vent Scrubbers use the same technology found in PEACEMAKER® Dry Air Scrubbers and in PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers. Proven, practical technology which destroys odors — and lasts.

H2S Converting & Oxidizing Media for Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control


Peacemaker® Converting/Polishing media is impregnated with a patented polymeric amine and is used in high H2S conditions. Disposal is not an issue when the media is changed out as recommended by the manufacturer.

PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers

Provide control of H2S and other odors while allowing generous venting through PEACEMAKER® H2S converting media. Our ABS plastic inserts are effective, economic, easily installed by one person and require no maintenance.